"To live the mercy of Jesus the Savior with young girls and women who are pregnant out-of-wedlock and with their children and, also, with married women who find it difficult to live their pregnancy." Const. Art. 3

Here is the evangelical common feature of the Misericordia Sisters.
To do so, many services are offered to help the needy mothers and their children.

"La Petite Maison de la Miséricorde"

"Carrefour de la Miséricorde"

"Maison Rosalie"
      "Jeunes du Samedi"

"Centre d'accompagnement Éducatif"

      El Centro Infantil
      "El Mundo Magico de los Ninos"
      "Centro de Mujeres
                 Madre Rosalia"

Rosalie Hall, New York