The Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Centre
helping you to discover, to love and pray to
the foundress of the Misericordia Sisters.

A Mission
The Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Centre (RCJC), was opened in order to make Rosalie's life and achievements better known throughout the world.

The many steps undertaken to obtain Rosalie's beatification (first phase prior to canonization) are quite advanced. All the written documents required for the Cause for beatification are now in Rome. Should a miracle be obtained through Rosalie's intercession, this would really help speed up her Cause.

This is why it is so important to pray to her, to entrust all our intentions and requests for intercession to her; it is even more important to have confidence in her and to open our hearts to this remarkable woman who was both a mother and a grandmother.

And so, by the various means described below, the RCJC aims to make the foundress of the Misericordia Sisters better known throughout the world, for she was quite an outstanding woman:

  • by publishing many documents about Rosalie and the Community (books, pamphlets, etc.);


  • by inviting people to participate in a pilgrimage called "On Rosalie's Footsteps", during which the pilgrims walk down the same streets of Montreal which Rosalie tread, and where they can see the places where she worked unceasingly, giving hospitality and shelter to single mothers;


  • by offering conferences featuring Rosalie and the historical development of her beloved Community;
  • by publishing the Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Bulletin (4 issues per year) and subscription is FREE. The Bulleting contains various chronicles about Rosalie, the RCJC, the Misericordia Family, suggested activities (i.e. books, movies, museums, CD, etc.), includng the publication of favours requested and received;
  • by letting the public have access to a video documentation (The Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Centre - Introducing Rosalie);
  • by receiving visitors and petitioners at Rosalie's tomb, where they can deposit their petitions for intercession and address a prayer of the heart to Rosalie.

  • by responding to the countless letters sent in by friends who love Rosalie and are confident that she will surround them with her love and warmth in every circumstance of their life, whether good or bad;
  • by having at our disposal a small documentation centre on Rosalie and her era, on the milieu where she evolved, on Msgr Ignace Bourget, a distinguished bishop who called, sustained and encouraged her to pursue her mission.

To obtain further information, to subscribe to our Bulletin or to visit us, simply contact the:

Rosalie-Cadron-Jetté Centre
12435, avenue de la Miséricorde
Montreal (Québec) H4J 2G3
Tel.: (514) 332-0550
Fax: (514) 331-1262

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